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Our Approach

Those who beat their competition in customer experience, Outbeats their competition in sales as well.

VisualEz  Visualiser Service Solution help display stores and retailers of tile and marble industry to empower their customer with visualisation eventually helping customers in understanding appeal of different products in a real environment. This enable customers in making quick and right purchase decision resulting in better customer conversions and referrals for a business.
Virtual Reality technology helps your customers feel as if they standing inside their newly designed Bath, Living , Kitchen, Exterior etc.


VisualEz Story

During 1 of the problem identification MBA classes, we happened to be in the same team, where we had to discuss the problems of any industry and since Aman had past experience in home improvement industry, he told some of the problems he identified while working as a retailer in this sector. Shubham could easily connect with the issues as he too faced them as a consumer 2 years ago during his home construction. After hours long of discussions and night meetings we thought of solving this problem because, at that point, Shubham had the technical knowledge to solve this and Aman had market knowledge and VisualEz was started.

Meet the Team


Shubham Maheshwari


Co-Founder , VisualEz

Product and Marketing


Aman Khandelwal

Co-Founder, VisualEz

Market Requirement and Selling


Utkarsh Indolia

                                                                                                           Unity Developer, VisualEz

All Technical Solutions of Product