VisualEz 3D Tile Visualizer

₹35,000 ₹32,500

Make your tiles look beautiful through our 3D Tile Design Software. Buy this now and get:

  • 1. First-year updates
  • 2. Tiles addition on a secured server
  • 3. Single User ID
  • 4. Technical support (Business hours)


Here’s the process to start:

  1. We will get your payment confirmation.
  2. Our customer care executive will install the software on your PC or mobile.
  3. All tiles, sent as tile catalog PDFs or images, will be added within 2-3 days.
  4. Our sales executive will do the training for your sales team.

FAQ’s for Tile Visualizer

Q1: How will I see my tiles in the software?

A1: When you send us tiles catalogs PDFs, our catalog executive will update it in your account on our secured server. This process takes 3-4 days depending on the no. of catalogs. Just search your “Firm Name” and you will see all the tiles.

Q2: On how many devices can I operate this app?

A2: Your can use this software on either Android, ios or Windows devices.

Q3: What is the minimum configuration required to use this software?

A3: Windows – 4GB RAM + 2 GB Graphics Card & Android – 4GB RAM

Q4: Is the internet required to operate the app?

A4: Not required while making designs but required for sharing on WhatsApp.

Q5: Can we use this app on TV?

A5: Yes, you can connect either laptop to TV by HDMI cable or Mobile to TV by screencasting.

Q6: How you can help us in case of any technical problem?

A6: You can reach our sales executive and we will solve it through TeamViewer or AnyDesk.

Q7: Is there any privacy of our tiles on your server?

A7: All your tiles are visible only in your User IDs as they are kept on a secured server.

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