Demo Living room with wall and floor tiles and marble for VisualEzDemo Living room with table top marble for VisualEzDemo Living room with wall, floor and stairs tiles and marble for VisualEz

VisualEz Marble Visualiser

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You can now show your clients how their dream home will look with the shortlisted tiles before purchase… that too in seconds by VisualEz Marble Visualiser


VisualEz Marble Visualiser Service Solution help display stores and retailers of Marble and Stone industry to empower their customer with visualisation eventually helping customers in understanding appeal of different products in a real environment. This enable customers in making quick and right purchase decision resulting in better customer conversions and referrals for a business.
Virtual Reality technology helps your customers feel as if they standing inside their newly designed Bath, Living , Kitchen, Exterior etc.

Showcase the beauty of your marbles with VisualEz Marble Visualiser


Why Marble Visualiser ?

The Targeted customer of your display center encounter home renovation or construction work at an average gap of 10 years. Unlike you, they are unaware about the trending colors and designs. professionals like architects help them in this process. But, these professionals are unable to communicate their vision to a client while making a selection at a display store which results in results in lower customer retention and delayed purchases.


Core features of VisualEz Marble Visualiser

Realism: Photo realistic quality to give best realism

Dynamism: Full Customizable wall and floor patterns (Book Match, Random, Straight)

Design Time: Time to design a concept is less than a minute

Mobility: Very easy to carry across outlet

Easy to use: Very user friendly tool for salesperson

VisualEz Marble Visualiser Product

You can now show your clients how their dream home will look with the shortlisted Marbles and stones before purchase… that too in seconds

VisualEz Marble Visualiser Service

  1. Keeps all your products updated
  2. Virtual Reality Android App
  3. Technical Support in Business Hours
  4. No charge on updates

Benefits of VisualEz Marble Visualiser Service

  • Eliminate Physical Mock Up Cost
  • Superior Customer Expereince
  • More Referrals
  • Better Customer Retention
  • Sense of Customer Centric Shop
  • Leading to Greater Sales

Features of VisualEz Marble Visualiser Service

  1. Virtual Reality View
  2. Selection through QR Code
  3. Customise as required
  4. All Spaces/Rooms Covered
  5. Create Unlimited Mock-ups
  6. Save Mock Up Design
  7. Multiple wall and floor patterns
  8. TV Screen/Mobile
  9. Show All Marble lots
  10. Random, Staright, Book Match Patterns
  11. Share Designs with Clients
  12. Online and offline mobile app
  13. Grout/Spacer options
  14. Very easy to use

How Marble Visualiser Works ?

Step 1:

You provide Images of your Marble and stone slabs to us.


Step 2:

We crop them, color correct them and upload them on serer with their exact same name, size, finish, random pattern etc.


Step 3:

We provide proper training to your salesperson either online/offline, so that they are able to use the application on each customer.


Step 4:

All set, Your customers experience world class customer service, and you have to give images of new lots to be updated.

Spaces created by VisualEz Marble Visualiser


Satvario Marble wall and floor bathroom preview
Satvario Marble wall and floor bathroom preview

Demo Living room with wall and floor tiles and marble for VisualEz
Demo Living room with wall and floor tiles and marble for VisualEz

FAQ’s for Marble Visualiser

Q-What is the full process to start ?

A- You need to send raw images of marble slabs clicked from a good smartphone. We then process the images and color correct them. Once we upload that corrected images to your account, Using our mobile app you can design a room instantly and show your clients how the shortlisted marble will give a full scale look.


Q- Do you have service at our location ?

A- Yes, we provide service PAN India, Presently we have clients in Pune, Delhi, Punjab and Gujarat.


Q- Does the App work without Internet, How ?

A- Yes, the app works offline/Without internet, you just need to download your product images once and then create unlimited designs from the offline app.


Q- Can we show this on big screen like TV/Projector ?

A- Yes, you can cast the mobile screen to any screen including laptop / TV etc.


Q- Can we show different marble lota “Say we have 3 lots of sofita beige” ?

A- Yes, you can give us any number of lots of same or different marbles, each lot is numbered separately and the lot that gets finished is deleted on your request. All you need to do is, send us the images of different lots with name of the lot and size


Q- How many spaces do you cover ?

A- We cover all the spaces from bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, exterior etc. and can add few spaces according to your requirement also. Apart from that we keep updating the app with new architectural spaces so that our clients  always remains updated.